no dairy , no whey

Very delicious, rich chocolate tart…

This is a quick, delicious recipe – nobody will guess that it does not contain cream

You will need
1 frozen vegan pie crust (I like the one from Maple Lane Bakery out of California)
8 oz of dark chocolate (I like Scharfenberger)
1 cup of Silk Creamer (I also use the flavored ones for a twist)
1 Egg beaten

Pre bake pie crust according to package
– Chop 8 oz. of chocolate
– In a small pan bring 1 cup of the Silk Creamer to a simmer
– Put chocolate pieces in a metal bowl, place in the simmering Silk Creamer until melted. Whisk
until completely melted
– Add 1 egg beaten (be careful and continue to whisk
– Add chocolate filling to the pre baked pie crust
– Bake for 15 – 18 minutes at 375 F

Serve with vanilla soy ice cream, and/or Soya Too! Whipped Topping, or in the summer time serve with berries.

This is yummy 🙂

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