Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day and a very Happy Mama

Did you have a nice day, or are you still having a wonderful day?   We sure did.  The girls were so excited this morning as Alena said "Finally it is Valentine's Day".  The girlies do get in the spirit of things. We had a card, a foot long pencil {yes, I know absolutely silly}, and a dairy free chocolate bar for each girl.  It set the day off right for the entire family...

At school there was a party in each classroom. So we did, what probably most of you with school aged children did as well...make Valentine's earlier in the week.  For the parties I volunteered to bring the treats - juice boxes, fruit roll-ups, and Skittles.  Each classroom had made mailboxes to hold the Valentine's for each kid.  They each came home with packed full mailboxes and more treats...We looked together at the treats at home and I am so proud of our girls.  Alena sorted out all of the candy that contain milk; she just said "they must not know that I cannot have milk" and passed it off to me {yes, I certainly do NOT need any additional candy}.  Alena then helped Mia Rose sort through her Valentine's...

Oh, and I do need to tell you what one of Mia Rosies'  best friends told her at school "I am so sorry I brought chocolate and forgot that you cannot have it" they hugged and Mia Rosies' response was "that is okay". It was no big deal - they just know that Mia Rose cannot have products containing milk...

Honestly, I cannot tell you how happy it makes me that both girls are able to manage school parties with confidence and ease.  They are not singled out, and it makes me so, so very happy.  Thank you for reading!

Valentine's Galactosemia
Mia Rosie and her Valentine's 

Galactosemia Valentine's
Alena and her Valentine's