Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Perhaps it means a little bit more...

 "Maybe Christmas," he thought "does not come from a store! Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more" quote from The Grinch who stole Christmas.  A couple of weeks ago we watched the Grinch and this is my favorite quote, because it is so true.  The feeling of joy and happiness is not something that can be bought in a store, it is the feeling we get from within us.  Something that we feel when we spend time together, help others, and just be kind. This is something we try to teach our children.  I think it is important. They got presents from the Christkind as well as from Santa but not - at least what I think - ton's of them.  Still plenty of presents...

2012 Christmas Eve Dinner

We spent quite a bit of time at home last week.  Doing crafts, drawing, reading, and - yes - there was some television time as well {too much}.  We also visited a couple of girls that go to school with Alena and Mia Rosie.  It was not a regular playdate; the two girls live at Providence Center for Medically Fragile Children. You see, at Alena and Mia Rosies schoo school has a classroom for medically fragile children.  The children attend school daily, and for certain classes are integrated in the neighborhood classroom {along with a medical aid}.  For the past year, Alena and Mia Rose, have wanted to visit.   We went last Friday.  Alena decided that she wanted to read to each of the girls from one of her Fairy books...Everyone was happy! My girls as well as their friends.  You could see the joy in their eyes...Alena and Mia Rose decided that they would like to visit again next week. This is what I mean by finding the happiness and joy in your heart.  It is not about the presents {ok they matter as well :)}, it is what you find in your heart! 

Merry Christmas - Froehliche Weihnachten - Happy Day from the four of us to all of you.

Let there be peace on earth!!!