Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bread, sausage, and vacation

We moved from Tuttlingen to Ludwigshafen at the Lake of Constance (Bodensee) a week ago.  The apartment we are staying at is gorgeous. Views of the lake from every window, and only a short walk to the Strandbad (beach). You can take a view right here -> It is so comfortable here and we really feel at home now.  One of the things however that come with changing location and can be a little challenging is to find a new "safe" bakery, and butcher.  On the first workday at our new location I set out on the quest to "safe" food for the girlies.  I went to next larger town which is Stockach,  It did take me a while to find a "safe" baker and butcher.  The first three bakeries I stopped at did not have any lactose free/dairy free products.  I am not sure, if they were just not willing to check into but I certainly did not want to take a chance. Same story at each of the bakeries I finally was on my way to the health food store but found it closed.  I took a chance and ask one more person, who then told me to check out one more bakery.  Voila!!! Even the Bretzeln are safe :), and right next to the bakery was a butcher who also only uses dextrose in their products and not lactose?  I call that a double score :)

 It took me more than a couple of hours,  but so worth it.  I think the lesson when traveling in Germany is to find a bakery that indicates they are "Bio", "Bioland" I say that because the other day we took a day trip to Radolfszell and there we found a "Bio Baecker" whose breads, bretzels, etc. are also all "safe" - yay!!!

Here is one more vacation picture of the girlies from our day trip to the Pfahlbauten ->


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