Monday, March 19, 2012

The lesson learned today...

It seems there is a different lesson to be learned every day. Most of them are miniscule and will not matter to others, but every so often there is this "Aha" wake-up moment. I had one of those today....
I was getting the lunch boxes for the girlies ready, and decided that it would be soup today. I got a can - It is for lunches of last resort - from my recently replenished pantry, opened the can, and poured it into the pan to warm up. Summer vegetable soup it was to be exact - but when I poured it in the pot, it looked - to me - kind of odd. Could it be that a vegetable soup - not cream of - contains MILK? - Then finally I read the label, and it was disbelief. Yes, the vegetable soup contained non-fat milk and I almost fed it to my children...What happened? How could this me?
You probably think, it is not a big deal just move on, but it really hit me. 99% of the time I read labels. Even on foods I buy on a regular basis. But there is the 1% - and the soup was if.
So how could I not read the label of something I had never bought before? I went back when I made the purchase. I bought a bunch of "Amy's" soups when they were on sale at New Seasons. I rember looking at labels and trying to decide which ones the girlies would like. I simply missed to check, and double check the label - probably was being a Little sloppy.
So here is the lesson for me. Always double read labels on all items - belive ,me when I tell you that I felt horrible.