Sunday, June 12, 2011

Not a Saturday night dinner photo but Sunday morning breakfast picture...

...yes, we had dinner yesterday but you know what I did not take the picture. We were invited for a "Good Bye" Party for friends who are moving back to Germany. Yet another dry - but chilly - day in Portland. So it was a BBQ with hamburgers, hot dogs and so much more. I brought a couple of ice cream treats along for the girls; there still was plenty to eat for them on the dessert side. Two types of jello, and fruit salads. Yum :) - I am so impressed by my two girlies how they identify the foods they cannot eat, and always ask whether the items they choose are OK for them. Neither girl is upset if there is a yummy looking cake which they cannot eat. They maybe a bit disappointment but neither dwells on it. Both, Alena and Mia Rose are always happy with the treats they get instead. It makes me very happy because it proves to me that our approach dealing with CG works for our family :)

Oh, so you ask what did you make for Sunday morning breakfast? All you can see is an empty plate, OJ, and Earth Balance. What do you think we had?

Happy Sunday all :)


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