Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Great appointment at the Metabolic Clinic and more cheese

Here is picture of the ladies riding the tram at OHSU after our appointment at the clinic today. For some reason going to the appointment always gets me a little down. No reason for it - it just does and it is only before the appointment. Now I look back at silly old me...in any case. We had a fantastic appointment. Both girls have levels, and there are no issues. They are both doing fantastic making both parents proud. It proves to us that our approach to Galactosemia works for our children and us as a family. It is there but not a constant thought or worry. I guess one could also say that we do not fret over it!
Now back to the appointment. The girls look great and the levels are controlled. We also met with our dietitian who is so supportive. We are now expanding our cheeses to Norwegian Arlsberg, and Tilsiter. Whoo-hoo and maybe, just maybe there may also be a domestic Cheddar in our future :) Is that not fantastic news?!


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