Friday, July 17, 2009

More summer ice cream fun - Staccato Gelato

Friday morning's are our playground days. We meet up with other families in Sellwood Park. Today, after playgroup, we all went to have ice cream at Staccato Gelato. Most children had chocolate, vanilla, or any other type of milk based ice cream you can imagine. Alena and Mia Rose had sorbet. Today they had a selection of four different flavors. Lemon, Raspberry, Plum, and Blueberry. Mia Rose ate (as always) a scoop of lemon, and Alena chose Blueberry. Delicious!!! Honestly, I would have never thought that being around other kids eating chocolate, or vanilla ice cream would be a non-issue. What do I mean by that? Well, I imagined that the girls would have a hard time with other kids eating the flavors they love (OK - Mia Rosie really is a lemon sorbet girl, not vanilla soy cream or anything else :) ). It is no issue at all. Alena told the other kids, no I cannot have that...and I told Mia Rose that it had "Kuhmilch" in it. I am so impressed, on top of that I was not the least bit anxietal. No fear, that they would ingest, or taste from another kids...what a great journey :)

On more thing about Staccato Gelato, homemade, local gelato. The place is such a wonderful east side just have to love. The staff is great, they are helpful, and there is even a play corner in the Sellwood store. :) FYI - there are two locations one in North East Portland, and the other in Sellwood (South East Portland).

- 232 NE 28th Ave. and
- 1540 SE Bybee

Here is a link to their Web-Site


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