Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Great visit to the Metabolic Clinic

Today we all went up to see our friends at the Metabolic Clinic at OHSU. After almost six years you would think that we are all totally used to the drill. Of course we are, but there still is that little nagging tiny feeling in my heart saying "what if something is not right?" And of course there is Mia Rose who said in school the day before "I am sick that's why I have to go to the doctor tomorrow", and Alena who asked the receptionist "no shots, right? No Blutabnehmen (blood draw), right?"...So yes, it still pinches me every time.

In any case, our visit turned out to be wonderful. The girls are growing beautifully, live feels nice and soft (or however this is really described), eyes are clear, speech is good, LEVELS are FANTASTIC, and overall our physician was very pleased with both of our sweet little ladies...The best news of all? We currently go up to OHSU for an appointment twice a year, however because they are both doing so well we are switching to annual appointments! Yeah!!! Of course, this does not include the draws. Those are still at least twice a year for both girls, but this great appointment just shows to me that it is possible to live a normal life, include as much food as possible, and be HAPPY...as I said before Galactosemia is part of our life, but it certainly is not our life, and does not rule our life.

We celebrated today by going out for dinner to Deschutes Brewery Pub, followed by a visit to the Jamison Square Fountain, and ice cream at Ben & Jerry's in the Pearl (Lemon sorbet for Mia Rose & Mango Sorbet WITH chocolate sprinkles for Alena). The perfect ending to a great day.


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